Well done LMBA family! We raised over $8600 in the first version of our online raffle. All of our 9U and older teams and a few of our younger teams contributed baskets, with some of our LMBA skills providers and members of the baseball community added some incredible clinics.

We hope everyone who participated had as much fun as we did – thank you for making this a huge success!!


2023 Raffle Winners

Item Winner
A little bit of ZO goes a long way Angela Yamaoka
A Little Randomness goes a Long Way Candace Kirkbride
Adult Bevvies ready for the bleachers Kurt Kramer
Adult Summer Drinks and Patio Fun Kaili Grant
Adults Only Indulgence Brianna Waterman
All Things Baseball Richelle Farlow
All You Need is Love…and a happy dog! Daniel Beaudry
Atomic Hair Magic! Gina Sanche,
Baseball Fan’s dream setup Erin Schlacht
Beautify your yard Katherine Pailleret
Bolster your Wine Cellar Ryan Windsor
Canadians night – 10 tix & Throw out First Pitch David Gaudet
Catching clinic with Jeff Hutton Garth Ryan
Cooler with some goodies Gina Sanche,
Defensive clinic with Mike Hughes Donald Stewart
Doug Miller shares his wisdom Juli Johnson
For When the Kids are Out Gina Sanche,
Fresh Slice your way through life Kristen Williams
Gas, Dinner and Wine Ryan Good
Get your Delta Blue Jays on! Joanne Yau
Hard is the way to go Kristen Williams
Hitting clinic with Tritons Matt Paculan Nicole North
HYGGE perfection Claudia Jesson
Jack-tacular Coaching Session Meaghan Lyall
Ladner Rocks! Michelle Cohen
Local Coffee Break Basket Alli Twitchell
Milltown Joins the Fun! Nykki Mackay
Movie Date night Dainy Aulik
Movie Night In Courtney Countryman
Muddy River Landing Style of Ladner Claudia Jesson
Outdoor Picnic Basket Kerry Williams
Pamper yourself collection from Kamira Spa Ryan Hall
Pitching Session with Jordy Cunningham Lynne Tarumoto
Pitching Session with Mike Fuller Catherine Paddle
Ready for the beach! David Gaudet
Starbucks on the Go Claudia Jesson
Summer Fun Basket! Gina Sanche,
Summer on the Patio Jeff Markusoff
The B-C-D Basket Candace Kirkbride
Turkish (blanket) delight! Alli Twitchell
Waffle Morning Michel Gagnon