The eagerly awaited Home Run Raffle is now open and tickets can be purchased for your favourite baskets. There are soooo many amazing ones this year and there is something for everyone!

Click here to go to the LMBA Home Run Raffle website


What is the LMBA Home Run Raffle?
The LMBA Raffle has been an annual event for years and was moved to an online event last season to give more of our family and friends an opportunity to join in the fun.

After many requests, this year we are happy to announce we will be adding a 50/50 super draw!


What is the $ used for?
All funds raised from the raffle is used towards LMBA programming to keep registration fees as low as possible across all age divisions. We use a very low cost option to run the raffle so almost every dollar that will show on the raffle site will help our families.


When can I buy tickets? 
The raffle site will open on Friday, June 7th @ 9 am and remain open until Friday, June 21st @ 6 pm.


When will the raffle be?
The raffle site will open on Wednesday, June 5 and will end on Friday, June 21.


How can people buy tickets?
The raffle and 50/50 will be fully online. If a family member or friend is not comfortable with buying tickets online, feel free to offer to purchase them for them online and have them pay you cash. You can reach out to Tanya and let her know if a different name needs to be entered into the draw for those tickets and their email address so they can be notified if they win.

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