It’s been said that it’s the best seat in the house, except you can’t sit down. Being an umpire allows you to be involved in the game of baseball in a way that provides a different aspect to the game. It provides you with training and allows you to develop confidence and leadership skills.

LMBA is in full support of BC Baseball’s Code of Conduct that provides for an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Whether you are a player, coach, parent or umpire … the Code of Conduct applies to you.

LMBA will pay the BCBUA membership fees for players registered to play in the LMBA and will provide protective equipment for umpires at the 9U, 11U and 13U divisions.



Note: all members of our Executive are volunteers and may not always be able to respond quickly. If you do not hear back on a time sensitive matter, please reach out to the division manager for the game you are looking for information on OR if it is a general question, the division manager for where you are a player for may also be able to assist. 

Click to email: 9U Division Manager, 11U Division Manager13U Division Manager, 15U Division Manager, 18U Division Manager26U Division Manager