Umpire Clinic 2020


It’s been said that it’s the best seat in the house, except you can’t sit down.

Being an umpire allows you to be involved in the game of baseball in a way that provides a different aspect to the game. It provides you with training and allows you to develop confidence and leadership skills.

Ladner Minor Baseball Association is in full support of BC Baseball’s Code of Conduct that provides for an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Whether you are a player, coach, parent or umpire … the Code of Conduct applies to you.

Ladner Minor Baseball will pay the BCBUA membership fees for players registered to play in the LMBA and will provide protective equipment for umpires at the lower divisions.



If you were born in 2010 or earlier and would like to umpire for Ladner Minor Baseball, please contact the Umpire in Chief .  At the beginning of 2021 you will be requested to register through the LMBA website and will then be directed to complete your registration with the BC Baseball Umpire Association and provided the opportunity to participate in an Umpire Clinic.

We are hoping that Ladner and Tsawwassen Baseball will host a BCBUA Level 1 and Level 2 Umpire Clinic on a date to be determined.  New Umpires will attend the Level 1 clinic and returning umpires that are umpiring Pee Wee Division and higher will attend the Level 2 clinic.



  • It is expected that umpires will take BCBUA sponsored clinics annually, and will strive to continue learning through a mentorship program.
  • Umpires will respect the dress code put in place by the LMBA and BCBUA.
  • Umpires will work co-operatively with the allocator for the LMBA and will ensure that they keep their availability up-to-date and accept their assigned games in a timely manner.
  • Umpires will notify the allocator as soon as possible if they cannot keep their commitment of their assignment.
  • Umpires will show up 30 minutes prior to their assigned game time. This will allow the umpires time to put on their equipment; have a pre-game discussion; and will be prepared to be on the field 10 minutes early to have a “plate meeting” with the coaches.
  • Umpires will have the appropriate equipment for their level and position.
  • Umpires will ensure that any shared protective equipment is returned to its proper place following the game and will notify the Umpire in Chief if there is an issue with any of the equipment.
  • Umpires that are routinely assigned to Bantam, Midget and Jr. Men’s divisions are expected to have their own protective equipment.



At the lower divisions the umpires are routinely only one division removed from the level they are officiating. All umpires, regardless of their age, continue to learn throughout their umpire career. Their goal will be to work hard to get the call right and apply the appropriate rule.

Umpires deserve the respect and cooperation of all coaches, players and parents. BC Baseball and the LMBA have zero tolerance in regards to verbal or physical abuse of umpires.

During scheduled games, the umpires take charge of the game once they meet with the coaches at the “plate meeting”.

  • Calls made by the umpire cannot be challenged.
  • Only at 15U (Bantam) and above - Plays involving an interpretation of a rule may be questioned by the head coach, provided the coach requests “Time” and asks to speak to the umpire. The umpire may meet with the coach and have a conversation regarding the call. There are to be no raised voices or intimidation of any kind allowed.  The umpire may discuss the rule with their partner and will either uphold their ruling decision or change it based on the “new evidence”. The umpire’s decision at that point will be final.
  • The umpire has the authority to eject a player or coach. Ejections will be reported to the Umpire in Chief and the BCBUA. BC Baseball mandates that there are suspensions attached to the ejection of a player or coach.

Coaches will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on umpires to the Umpire in Chief.



Tadpole                        P - $17                        B - $13

Mosquito                    P - $25                        B - $20

Pee Wee                     P - $35                         B - $30

Bantam                        P - $45                        B - $40

Midget                         P - $80                        B - $70

Jr Men                         P - $90                        B - $80



Black Hat with BCBUA logo

Black or Powder Blue Umpire Shirt (both umpires must wear matching shirts)

Heather Grey or Charcoal Grey pants

Black Belt

Black Socks

Black Shoes

Plate umpire

  • will have at least one ball bag with indicator and brush
  • must wear a protective cup (Jock / Jill) under their pants
  • should consider having “plate” shoes or shoes with steel toes for protection (15U and above)
  • chest protector will be worn underneath shirt and shin guards will be worn under pants
  • hat will be worn in a forward position underneath mask


Currently, for the 2021 season the Umpire in Chief is position is vacant.  John Pentland is acting in the role until a replacement can be found. John has been an umpire for Ladner Minor Baseball since the 1990’s. He has continued his umpiring education and is currently an Umpire Mentor; Baseball Canada Instructor; a Level 4 (National) Umpire; and a member of the BC Baseball Umpire Association Board of Directors.

John was a member of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services and retired in 2011 from his position as Assistant Chief – Training and Development.

If your interested in the UIC role or in umpring for LMBA please contact John at 778-868-9171