9U Tadpole Division Overview

LMBA is hosting an Equipment Drive for league in Mexico

March 5, 2021 |

  The LMBA is hosting an equipment drive to help out a community league in Mexico.  Donations can be dropped off on March 6th, 2021 at Delta Secondary School (11am-2pm).  Read the full article in the Delta Optimist here.

Baseball BC RTP Guidelines UPDATE: Mar 1 2021

March 5, 2021 |

Baseball BC RTP Guidelines – Updated March 1, 2021

Even James Paxton is ordering our LMBA gear!

February 11, 2021 |

Even James Paxton is ordering our LMBA gear!  Check out our web stores that are full of LMBA gear.  If you need Fan Wear or need  LMBA Team gear to perform your best on the field the LMBA web stores can now deliver it.  Go to ladnerminorbaseball.com/webstore-access/ to access either of the two stores.  See…

Order your LMBA Gear NOW!

February 8, 2021 |

Hi and Welcome to the 2021 Season! This year we are happy to share we have some new Ladner Minor Baseball (LMBA) gear available for you to purchase before the season! This year we are offering a wide variety of shirts, hoodies, hats, car stickers, bags etc. Check out the LMBA store at https://xtremestore.ca/collections/ladner-minor-baseball Store opens…

Coaching and Umpire Registration is now open for the 2021 season

December 30, 2020 |

If you would like to coach or be an umpire in the upcoming 2021 Season please make sure to register – go to the Registration page on the LMBA website.  Coaching registration closes in February.  For umpires we expect to be running clinics soon so make sure you are on the list for 2021!

2021 Registration is now open!

December 3, 2020 |

The 2021 Spring season registration is now open! Early Bird is open until January 15, 2021. Head to the Registration page on the website for details

2018 Opening Day a Success despite Mother Nature!

April 5, 2018 |

The weather didn’t stop many players, coaches, and families from enjoying our Opening Day ceremonies this morning at Cromie Park. Player Agent and MC, Todd Allan welcomed teams and spoke of the many accomplishments of last year’s LMBA teams.  Our U18 Midget AA All Star team finished a strong season as  provincial silver medalists, going on to…

2018 Coaches Caravan a Huge Success in Ladner!

March 30, 2018 |

The players and parents in Ladner were blessed by the warmth of the sunshine on Friday evening as the BC Baseball Coaches Caravan hit the diamond for more family fun. Ladner founding member James Paxton and current president Grant Laidlaw were on site to witness the enthusiasm that 225 parents and players brought out to…

2017 Jesse Caron and Tom Henderson Tournaments

July 30, 2017 |

What a beautiful weekend to wind up our two most popular house league tournaments. The Jesse Caron tournament held at Bell Park for our Tadpole Division and the Tom Henderson tournament held at Maple Park for our Mosquito Division. A lot of competitive baseball was played with the Cubs taking the Jesse Caron trophy home…

Regular Season Rules

Tadpole Division Rules

Updated in 2019

  1. Jerseys and hats that are supplied by the league must be worn to all games – shirts are to be tucked in. It is mandatory that all players wear athletic supporters. Base runners, batter, and on-deck batter must wear batting helmets with chinstraps properly attached. Players may wear running shoes or rubber cleats.
  2. Each team is responsible for cleaning up their dugout area after their games and practices.
  3. The home team is responsible for preparing the diamond by lining the field and filling in any depressions before the game. After the game they are to make sure all equipment used during the game is returned to the bins and locked up. No children are allowed in the equipment room or bins.
  4. Equipment is NOT to be used for any activity that is not a LMBA sanctioned event. Only the coaches and the executive will be given access to the equipment boxes.
  5. The home team is responsible for providing the game ball. Ideally, the same ball will be used for the entire game to ensure consistent pitches from the pitching machine.
  6. The baseball field is the area enclosed within the baseball fence. Anything within this playing area is considered to be “in-bounds” anything outside of the fenced area is considered to be “out of bounds”.
  7. The first base and third base lines extend from home plate all the way to the outfield fence. These lines determine if a hit is fair or foul. The area between (and including) the foul lines is fair territory, while anything outside them is foul.
  8. Base paths are set at 60 feet and a hardball is used.
  9. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team players, fans and parents during games and to make sure there is no abuse of the equipment. INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE AND BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. It is the responsibility of the coach to notify the division manager of any issues that occur at the ball park immediately following the game and/ or practice.
  1. Games are not to be postponed, or re-scheduled without the agreement of the head coaches and the division manager. Teams are not to consider a game cancelled due to bad weather unless they are officially notified.
  2. The home team is responsible for notifying the umpire, concession manager, and the division manager of any game cancellations.
  3. Each team is allowed to have one head coach and two assistant coaches. All coaching positions will be exempt from completing further volunteer hours.
  4. The home team is responsible for ensuring that there is a parent volunteer in the concession.
  5. All players shall be given the opportunity to play every position. Each child should sit once before someone sits twice.
  6. Infield positions – Players shall be allowed to play a maximum of three innings per game, two of which may be at the same position.
  7. Outfield positions - Players shall be allowed to play a maximum of three innings per game. All outfield positions are considered to be the same position.
  1. It is the coach’s responsibility to keep track of the players positions and they must provide it to the league or other coach should it be requested.
  2. Each team is required to have a written-out batting order. A copy of the batting order shall be given to the opposing team as well as the home plate umpire.
  1. Each team shall field a team of no more than ten players and no less than nine players. There shall be six infielders and four outfielders. However, should a team be required to play with only nine players, they shall play with only three outfielders.
  2. Should at team fail to field nine players, the game will be considered a forfeit. If both teams agree, the game may still be played, but the score will be recorded as a loss towards the forfeiting team.
  3. All catchers gear must be worn.
  1. All players must remain inside the dugout when they are on the offence. The only players outside of the dugout shall be the batter and the on-deck batter who must be in the on- deck circle. A coach or parent should be in the dugout to supervise and ensure that the next batter is ready to go.
  2. The length of the game shall be a maximum of six innings. No new inning shall be started later one hour and forty-five minutes after the start of the game.
  3. Weeknight games will start at 6:00 pm, but not later than 6:30pm. No new inning shall be started later than 8:30 pm or one hour and forty-five minutes after the start of the game. If in the opinion of the umpire the game must be called early, due to safety reasons, the game will be called and the score will revert back to the previous inning. However, if the home team is at bat they shall be allowed to complete the inning.
  4. A half inning will end when either four runs are scored or three outs have been made.
  5. The last inning will be considered open. During the open inning there will no run limit and three outs must be made to end the inning.
  6. If a team is leading its opponent by at least eight runs, after five or more equal innings have been played, the game shall be ended.
  7. All players will be included in the batting order (PLEASE ROTATE YOUR BATTING ORDER FROM GAME TO GAME). Players will be listed in the order they are to bat. Players arriving late will be added to the end of the batting order.
  8. The batter shall be called out on a third strike regardless of whether the ball is caught or not.
  9. Bunting is not allowed.
  10. Any batter who throws the bat shall be given one warning. Should that batter do it again they shall be called OUT. This rule is designed for the safety of the players.
  11. Each team is allowed to have one first base coach and one third base coach when on the offence. They may instruct their batters and runners on where to go but must not interfere with play or touch them once “PLAY BALL” is called.
  12. If a player has started the game and must leave before it is over or a player is injured during the game, he/she will be deleted from the line-up and no outs will occur.
  13. The ball is considered to be live and in play so long as it remains in-bounds. As long as the ball is considered to be live and in play, runners may continue to advance around the bases.
  14. The play is considered to be dead should the ball be thrown out of bounds. Runners shall be allowed to advance to the base in which they were proceeding to at the time of the overthrow. NO EXTRA bases are granted as a result of an overthrow.
  15. If a ball is overthrown at any base, the play is dead whether it lands in or out-of-bounds. Runners may only advance to the base they were running to at the time of the overthrow. No additional bases may be taken.
  1. The play is considered to be live unless the umpire indicates the play is dead.
  1. If a base runner stops forward movement, he must return to his previously occupied base when a defensive player has control of the ball in the infield and in the judgment of the Umpire, there is no throw or attempt to make a play on any of the base runners.
  2. A hit ball is in play so long as it remains inside the fenced area of the field and runners may continue to advance as far as they want.
  3. Once an infielder has possession of the ball of in the normal confines of the infield, as judged by the umpire, players may only advance to the next available base. If the player is stopped between bases at the time the ball is held by an infielder, the runner may return to the last base rounded or advance to the next available base as the play is live.
  1. Leadoffs are not allowed. The ball must cross home plate before the base runner(s) can leave the base(s). When a base runner leaves the base before the pitched ball crosses home plate the umpire shall call “leadoff”. All base runners will return to their original positions with the count on the batter to remain the same. No outs shall be occur and no runs shall score.
  2. Base stealing is allowed as follows:

The runner cannot attempt a steal, go part way and stop, and then continue to the base as the ball is overthrown or returned by the catcher to the pitcher or base umpire. If the runner stops part way for any reason other than to avoid a collision with an infielder and then safely reaches the base he is attempting to steal, the runner must return to his base. If the defense does make a play on a runner who is stopped between bases, the play is alive and the player can be tagged out.

A runner may steal one base on each play. If the catcher over throws the ball into the outfield, the runner may only advance from first to second or second to third. If there are runners on first and second they may attempt a double steal. If successful, the runners must stop at second and third, regardless of how the defense handles the ball.

A runner on third cannot score unless the ball is hit, or the bases are loaded and the batter walks.

  1. Ground Rule Double – A runner shall be awarded two bases if a ball that is hit within fair territory rolls or bounces under a neighbour’s fence or out of bounds. All runners will advance one base on a ground rule double, unless the runner is pushed to advance two base i.e. if there is a runner on first base they would advance to third base. A runner can score on a ground rule double. The umpire will call “Ground Rule Double” allowing all the runners to advance. The play will then be considered dead.
  2. A runner shall be awarded with a home run should they hit the ball, in fair territory, over the neighbour’s fence. The umpire will call “Home Run” allowing all the runners to advance. The play will then be considered dead.
  1. If, after successfully hitting the ball, the runner touches first base, and turns toward second base the play is considered to be live and the runner may thrown out.
  2. No tagging up is permitted.
  3. No infield fly rule.
  4. Obstruction – Obstruction can be called on a defensive player if the bag or plate is not partly exposed. Defensive players may not stand on the baseline without the ball. The runner will be awarded the base.
  5. Interference – Interference will be called on an offensive player if the runner contacts a fielder attempting to make a play on the ball. The runner will be called out.
  6. A Super-T player may be called up to play on a Tadpole team for a maximum of 3 games plus one tournament. The Super-T & Tadpole division managers plus the player’s coach must be notified of the name of the player being called up. This is to ensure that the player is eligible to be called up. The player must receive the same treatment as regular players and must not play more innings than a regular team player. Teams are encouraged to call players up from the Super T division to avoid forfeits due to lack of players.
  1. Second year tadpole players may be called up to play on a Mosquito team for a maximum of 3 games plus one tournament. The Tadpole & Mosquito division managers plus the player’s coach must be notified of the name of the player being called up. This is to ensure that the player is eligible to be called up. The player must receive the same treatment as regular players and must not play more innings than a regular team player. Tadpole players are NOT allowed to pitch at the mosquito level. BCMBA monitors these rules and will impose stiff penalties for violations.
  2. All BC Minor Baseball rules will be in effect but LMBA rules take precedence.

Pitching Machine Rules
Never leave the pitching machine unattended. Coaches will operate the pitching machine to avoid serious injuries.

We use manual pitching machine from the start of the season. The machine is to be placed in the pitching area 42 feet from the point of home plate. The pitching machine will be set at #6. Any adjustments to the speed or position of the pitching machine must be agreed upon by both coaches.

The offensive team will operate the pitching machine. The pitching machine operators’ hand must be held up before the ball is released so that the batter and the catcher know the ball is coming. The pitching machine operator cannot communicate with the base runners but can communicate with the batter. The Pitcher must hand the ball to the pitching machine operator.

If the batted ball hits the machine (or operator), the ball is ruled a “DEAD BALL” and the batter gets a base. The base runners advance one base only.

If a thrown ball hits the batting machine during “live play” then the ball is ruled a “DEAD BALL” and each base runner will be allowed to continue to the base in which they were advancing to.

Playoff Rules