5U/6U Rally Cap Division Overview

5U/6U Rally Cap Information

LMBA would like to thank Baseball BC, BC Minor Baseball and the Richmond Chuckers for the information provided to our association in order to ensure a successful Rally Cap program.

The Grassroots program has been designed by Baseball BC and Baseball Canada to provide a safe and fun environment for players to learn the fundamentals of baseball.   The Rally Cap program is one of many Grassroot programs developed by Baseball Canada using baseball initiation programs, as well as adding new ideas in order to create an increased interest in players.

The goals of the Rally Cap Program are to:

  • Create a fun environment in which children and adults are actively together in the game of baseball
  • Develop fundamental motor skills, teach baseball skills, and basic rules to our players
  • Experience success with an emphasis on good sportsmanship
  • Promote and increase self-esteem among Rally Cap children and adults
  • Recruiting new coaches and volunteers

The focus of the season will including developing and introducing the players to the 5 fundamentals of baseball:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Throwing
  • Receiving
  • Hitting
  • Base running

The Rally Cap Division will follow the 6 on 6 model in that the defensive teams will only field 6 players at a time, fielding only the infield positions. It has been proven that on average a player will get 4.5 fielding opportunities per game playing 6 on 6 and only 3 opportunities in conventional 9 on 9 baseball game.  After 10 games, a player of 6 on 6 will go the plate an average of 45 times while after 10 game of traditional 9 on 9 a player will go the plate only 30 times

Rally Cap Level One is designed for first year t-ball players. This typically will include children who are 5 or will be turning 5 before December 31st, following the playing season.

Rally Cap Level Two is designed for second year t-ball players. This typically will include children who are 6 years old or will be turning 6 before December 31st, following the playing season.


Players will need the following equipment:

  • Baseball glove
  • Helmet with chin strap
  • Jock/Jill
  • Bat (optional)
  • Grey baseball pants (optional)