Candy bags and freezies may be what our younger LMBA family rush up to the concession for, but there are a wide variety of options for everyone this year. Hot dogs are back in the lineup, the variety of snacks and candy have expanded, and even hamburgers are new mainstays.

Kyla Williams took over the Concession Manager mantle this season. She has worked tirelessly to get the buildings themselves upgraded before season started, is continually keeping inventory in place while she leads a friendly team of young workers.

Cash, Credit & Debit are now accepted to make things even easier.

Pre-orders are welcome! As we start to see more days of sunshine ahead, keep in mind that the concession can be used for treats for the team or even help provide the hot dogs and hamburgers for any diamond side BBQ fun your team may want to enjoy. If you want to pre-arrange anything, email Kyla and she can help make things happen.

Keep up the amazing work Kyla and team, and thank you for ensuring we are all getting lunch, dinner or snacks as we cheer on our favourite Ladner teams.