Opening Pitch - 2023 Tom Henderson

About Tom Henderson: Tom Henderson was an avid baseball and hockey player in our community whose young life was tragically ended after being hit by a drunk driver. We thank his parents, sisters and brother for allowing us to honour his memory.



Playoff Format: 
  • Teams will play a full 6-team round robin
  • Following the round robin, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place teams will play in the semi-finals


Playoff rules
  • All stages:
    • No protests will be accepted.
    • Home team will collect MVP shirts from concession stand.
      • Home team will stand as the official scorekeeper and pitch count for each game.
      • Pitch count sheets and score sheets must be posted in the team manager group within one hour of the completion of each game.
  • Round robin:
    • no new inning will start after 1 hr 45 minutes. The umpires will determine the game time.
    • teams will be awarded two points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss.
    • if games are tied following the completion of six innings or if time limit is reached, the game will remain a tie.

    • Maximum run differential is +7/-7
    • Mercy rule is in effect: If a team is leading its opponent by at least ten (10) runs after five or more equal innings have been played, or after four and one-half innings if the team second at bat should have a ten-run lead at the end of its fourth inning, or before the completion of its fifth inning, the game shall be terminated and the team in front declared the winner. Should a team hit a “walk off” out of the park home run to end a game under the mercy rule all runners including the batter shall be permitted to score
    • Tie breaker rule 29.01 will be applied if necessary to determine rankings. Note there is no max run differential applied for this tie breaker rule - all runs scored in all half innings played will be included. As soon as a pitch is made, a half inning is determined to be played, including any time a game is halted for the mercy rule.


29.01 Tiebreaker: The round robin tie breaking rules are set out below.

Please note the following:
Statistics are calculated based upon the games between the teams that are tied with each other, and not all of the games in the competition.

If the first part of the rule places one team above others in the case of three or more teams involved in the tie, but the remaining teams are still tied, then the remaining parts of the rule are applied using statistics from the matches involving all of the original teams in the tie.

In the event that a team involved in a tie has forfeited a game played between tied teams they will be automatically eliminated from the tie and the criteria above will be used to determine placement between the remaining teams.


The team with the best win/loss record in the game(s) played between the tied teams will place higher in the standings.

(A) If the tie persists, the placement of teams will be dictated by the ratio of number of runs allowed per defensive inning. A defensive inning is defined as having taken the field and a pitch thrown.

(B) If the tie persists, the placement of teams will be dictated by the ratio of runs scored per offensive inning. An offensive inning is defined as having been at bat for at least one pitch.

(C) If the tie persists, then the team with the best won/loss record against the highest placed team not in the tie, followed by a comparison to the next placed team, etc., will place higher in the standings.

(D) If after the application of the four rules, there still remains a tie, then the four rules will be reapplied to the remaining tied teams, except that the statistics will be based on the games between only the remaining tied teams, and not all of the teams in the original tie.

(E) 10U & 11U Divisions Only – if a tie persists then the records of all teams in the pool shall be used to determine the tie breaker.

  • Semi-finals:
    • no new inning will start after 1 hr 45 minutes. The umpires will determine the game time.
    • A winner must be determined in these games. If game is tied following the completion of six innings or if time limit is reached, the international tie break rule will be applied until one team wins following a completed extra inning (ie. the last batter from the previous inning will start the offensive inning on second base).
    • Home team will be the higher seeded team from the round robin play.

  • Gold Medal game
    • Game will be played to full six innings. No time limit will be applied.
    • If game is tied after six innings, extra innings will be played. International tie break rule will NOT be applied.
    • Home team will be based on a coin toss.

Schedule and Results

Saturday, June 8

10:00 am - Bears @ Gators - Gators win 10-8
1:00 pm - Wolf Pack @ Marlins - Wolf Pack wins 7-6
4:00 pm - Reds @ Rangers - Rangers win 11-10

Sunday, June 9

10:00 am - Rangers @ Marlins - Rangers win 14-5
1:00 pm - Bears @ Wolf Pack - Tie game 4-4
4:00 pm - Reds @ Gators - Gators win 5-4

Saturday, June 15

10:00 am - Rangers @ Wolf Pack - Rangers win 9-1
1:00 pm - Gators @ Marlins - Marlins win 6-3
4:00 pm - Reds @ Bears - Reds win 11-4

Sunday, June 16

10:00 am - Bears @ Rangers - Bears win 18-6
1:00 pm - Marlins @ Reds - Reds win 12-3
4:00 pm - Gators @ Wolf Pack - Gators win 7-6

Saturday, June 22

10:00 am - Wolf Pack @ Reds
1:00 pm - Marlins @ Bears
4:00 pm - Gators @ Rangers

Sunday, June 23

10:00 am - Semi-Final #1 - 4th @ 1st
1:00 pm - Semi-Final #2 - 3rd @ 2nd
4:00 pm - Final