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Each season, the 9U division holds the Jesse Caron Tournament mid-season. The 2023 tournament will take place from Sunday, May 7 to Saturday, May 13.

About Jesse Caron: The Caron family was heavily involved in baseball along with their two sons, Cody and Jesse. Unfortunately, we lost Jesse to a tragic accident shortly after high school. The family sponsored this tournament in Jesse’s name to promote sportsmanship and a love of the game that was so important to their family.


Tournament information:

  • 2 game Round Robin will result in seeding
  • Top 4 teams will advance and play on Saturday
  • All teams will participate in skills competition on Saturday

Round Robin Rules:

  • Each team will be given two points for a win, one point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.
  • Maximum run differential will be +7/-7 runs in each game
  • In the event of a two way tie the following rules will be applied:
    • Best Plus/Minus record
    • Head to Head if applicable
    • Runs Against*: The team with the lowest runs against during round robin play
    • Runs For*: The team with the highest amount of runs scored during round robin play
    • Coin Toss
  • Three/Four-way ties will follow the same format as outlined in Rule 29.01. this format will be followed until a winner is declared.

* Runs for and against will be based per innings played. Eg. if your team had 10 runs against in 7 innings, it would be average of 1.4 runs per inning. If the team you are tied with has 10 runs against but in 5 innings, it would be 2 runs per inning average, and your team would win the tie breaker.

Skills Competition:

  • Home run derby - 2 players per team
  • Base race - whole team
  • Tug-o-war - whole team


Congratulations to the 2023 Champions - Tigers!

2023 Jesse Caron Tournament Standings - Preliminary Round

Tiebreaker #1 - 1st and 2nd place
Expos and Gators

Step 1: Best plus/minus record
Both teams have a +10 record. Tiebreaker is not determined.


Step 2: Head to Head if applicable
Teams did not play. Tiebreaker is not determined.


Step 3: Runs Against

Defensive Innings Played # runs Ratio
Expos 10 9 0.9
Gators 9 9 1


The Gators have the highest number of runs allowed per defensive inning and are assigned to the 2nd place position. Expos finish in first place.


Tiebreaker #2 - 3rd and 4th place
Cardinals, Cubs, Red Sox, Tigers

Rule 29.01 was applied to determine the final placements.


Step 1 - The team with the best win/loss record in the game(s) played between the tied teams will place higher in the standings. 

Cardinals defeated the Red Sox. No other teams played head to head.

Cardinals are assigned to the 3rd place position. Cubs, Red Sox and Tigers move to Step 2 to determine 4th place.


Step 2  - If the tie persists, the placement of teams will be dictated by the ratio of number of runs allowed per defensive inning.

Defensive Innings Played # runs Ratio
Cubs 8 14 1.75
Red Sox 9 17 1.88
Tigers 9 11 1.2


Tigers have the lowest ratio of number of runs allowed per defensive inning and are assigned to 4th place.

Schedule and Results

Sunday, May 7

10:00 am - Expos @ Yankees - Expos win 10-3
12:00 pm - Cubs @ Tigers - Tigers win 10-2
2:00 pm - Cardinals @ Red Sox - Cardinals win 13-9
4:00 pm - Black Sox @ Gators - Gators win 10-3

Monday, May 8

6:00 pm - Gators @ Cardinals - Gators win 9-6

Tuesday, May 9

6:00 pm - Red Sox @ Black Sox - Red Sox win 8-4

Wednesday, May 10

6:00 pm - Tigers @ Expos - Expos win 9-6

Thursday, May 11

6:00 pm - Yankees @ Cubs - Cubs win 12-2

Saturday, May 13

10:00 am - Semi-Final #1 - Tigers @ Expos - Tigers win 9-3
12:00 pm - Semi-Final #2 - Cardinals @ Gators - Gators win 11-10
2:00 pm - Skills Competition (All teams participate)
4:00 pm - Gold medal game