LMBA COVID Information

Check here often because as we have new information that pertains to our Spring 2022 Season we will post it here

COVID Plan and Response Details

Return to Play Guidelines for Spring 2021

Guidelines for Phase 2 Stage 2 Return to Play as of June 4, 2021
The following activities are currently permitted;
• Team training / development (practice)
• Live batting practice
• Scrimmage and Inter-squad games
• In Club game play
• Physical distancing is not required on the field of play
• Dugouts are open for use

Baseball specific guidelines in place at this time:
• Two metres social distancing is still required outside the field of play.
• Masks are required in all indoor public settings. (As defined by the current public order)
• Verbal symptom screening and attendance tracking must be performed daily. Keep a participant record for contract tracing needs.
• Stay home if you’re sick.
• Players are reminded to bring their own refreshments and not to share water bottles.
• Pease note that athletes are only permitted to participate on one team at any one time.

In Club Game Play
• Participants do not need to maintain physical distancing during brief game related interactions occurring during the normal course of play; however, minimized physical contact is still advised. Intentional physical contact not related to game play, such as high fives, is not permitted.
• All players to sanitize their hands when returning to the dugout from the field, after each at bat and as required.
• Baseballs need to be new or disinfected every time they are entered into play.
• Umpires are permitted to resume traditional two-umpire positioning, but traditional positioning is not mandatory, and some officials may elect to continue with the modified positioning.
• All scorekeeping, announcing and scoreboards operation to be performed outside and not in buildings or booths with social distancing requirements in mind.
• Home team records attendance/screening for umpires (See below)

The following activities are not permitted;
• NO Spectators - defined as games, competitions, tournaments, training, or practice
• NO Travel
• NO Tournaments
• Bleachers are closed to all
• NO handshakes
• NO sunflower seeds, NO gum, NO sharing food of any kind
• NO spitting permitted at the field

• Field capacity limit: only 50 people permitted (including coaches/players/umpires).
• ONLY players and coaches permitted on the field.
• Players/coaches are expected to perform hand hygiene prior to entering and when leaving the ball field. For players this includes hand hygiene before and after taking the field AND before and after each at bat.
• All players/coaches/volunteers/parents are required to review the Waivers, Participant Agreement and Declaration of Compliance prior to participating in baseball.
• Field times will be scheduled by division managers and will have a 30 min gap between for events scheduled on the same day to allow teams to vacate field prior to next team arriving.
• Players/coaches will arrive at the field no earlier than 15 minutes before their practice and will leave park/parking lot immediately following practice. No congregating in the parking lot.

• Coaches/managers are:
o the only team members permitted to access lock boxes to retrieve field equipment
o to clean any equipment used for field prep i.e., L Screens, rakes etc. use and also wipe down the lock box after securing field equipment
o to wipe down baseballs, team designated gear and field equipment after practice prior to putting it back in the equipment bag. LMBA owned catchers gear will only be used by one player at each practice session and cleaned at the end of practice
• Each LMBA equipment bag will have appropriate cleaning supplies for gear and baseballs.
o team issued/shared bats will be wiped down between players and after practices.
• Players are:
o encouraged to clean/disinfect their personal gear after each practice
o not to share their personal equipment (bats, gloves, etc.)

• All team members (including players and coaches) must complete a Health Check on the TeamSnap platform prior to each event.
• The coach (or a volunteer designated by the coach) will confirm at the check in point near the entry gate that only team members who have completed their Health Check will be permitted to attend the event.
• If at a baseball event ANY team member/participant is unable to complete their Health Check on the TeamSnap platform, the coach/manager will:
o Take attendance and screen the participant for travel and symptoms at the beginning of the event using the LMBA CONTACT TRACING FORM (attached below and available on the LMBA website).
o Take a photo of the completed contact tracing form IMMEDIATELY AFTER EACH EVENT and EMAIL it to registrar@ladnerminorbaseball.com and copy the division manager.
• Any team that has not submitted a complete and accurate attendance form within 24 hours of the practice will not be allowed to take the field for their next scheduled field time. (To be clear, all teams must EITHER ensure that ALL participants (players and coaches) completed a Health Check prior to the event OR they must submit the Event Attendees Screening Form.)
• At games, the HOME TEAM must record attendance and screening for UMPIRES on the LMBA CONTACT TRACING FORM.

HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES: Coaches/players/parents/volunteers will adhere to the Return to Play Guidelines, Illness Policy and First Aid Guidelines.
• Ride sharing is discouraged.
• Players encouraged to wash clothing and sleeves after each practice/game.
• Players and coaches are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer

Coaches will review the following with players and parents:
• Field Guidelines
• Equipment Guidelines
• Attendance and Screening Process
• Illness Policy

LMBA COVID Outbreak Plan


Early detection of symptoms will facilitate the immediate implementation of effective control measures. In addition, the early detection and immediate implementation of enhanced cleaning measures are two of the most important factors in limiting the size and length of an outbreak. An “outbreak” is two or more cases; a “case” is a single case of COVID-19.

  1.  Any coach/manager who becomes aware of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 among any team member, their family, or spectator at an LMBA activity must:
    • refer the affected participant or parent to LMBA’s Illness Policy, and refer them to the information about isolation and self-monitoring, as set out in item 3 (below),
    • immediately advise the division manager, the LMBA secretary at
      secretary@ladnerminorbaseball.com and the LMBA president at
      president@ladnerminorbaseball.com about the suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19,
    • ensure that there is enhanced cleaning, as set out in item 2 (below).

The division manager will work with the coach to ensure that the requirements of the Illness Policy have been met, including that the coach has informed and removed from participation any participant or parent/spectator who worked/played closely with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 or who is awaiting a test for COVID-19.

Using LMBA’s Illness Policy as a guide, and in consultation with the coach, the LMBA secretary, and the LMBA president, the division manager may further modify, restrict, postpone or cancel activities in their division if a case or outbreak is reported.

2. If LMBA volunteers, participants, or parents/spectators report they are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 and have been at an LMBA activity, coaches will implement enhanced cleaning measures to reduce the risk of transmission. (For more information and resources on cleaning and disinfecting, see https://www.bcminorbaseball.org/page/show/5788253-bcmba-covid-19-resources).

3. LMBA will implement its illness policy and advise individuals to:

    • self-isolate
    • monitor their symptoms daily, report respiratory illness, and not to return to activity for at least 10 days following the onset of fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and loss of appetite.
    • use the COVID-19 self-assessment tool at BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help determine if the further assessment or testing for COVID-19 is needed.
    • Individuals can contact 8-1-1 if further health advice is required and 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.

4. In the event of a suspected case or outbreak of influenza-like-illness, the LMBA Secretary will immediately report and discuss the suspected outbreak with the Medical Health Officer (or delegate) at the local health authority.

5. If LMBA is contacted by a medical health officer in the course of contact tracing, LMBA will cooperate with local health authorities.

COVID 19 Illness Policy

In this policy, “Team member” includes a
volunteer, participant, or parent/spectator.

1. Inform an individual in a position of authority (coach, Division Manager) immediately if, you feel any symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and loss of appetite.

2. Assessment

A. Team members must review the self-assessment signage located throughout the facility each morning before their practice to attest that they are not feeling any of the COVID 19 symptoms.

B. Managers/coaches will visually monitor team members to assess any early warning signs as to the status of their health and to touch base on how they are regarding their personal safety throughout
the practice.

C. If Team Members are unsure please have them use the self-assessment tool https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en or through the COVID-19 BC Support App self-assessment tool.

3. If a Team Member is feeling sick with COVID-19 symptoms

A. They should remain at home and contact Health Link BC at 8-1-1.

B. If they feel sick and /or are showing symptoms while at baseball, they should be sent home immediately and have them contact 8-1-1 or a doctor for further guidance.

C. No Team Member may participate in a practice if they are symptomatic.

4. If a Team Member tests positive for COVID-19

A. The Team Member will not be permitted to return to the practice until they are free of the COVID-19

B. Any Team Members who play closely with the infected Team Member will also be removed from the practice for at least 14 days to ensure the infection does not spread further.
C. Close off, clean, and disinfect their practice area immediately and any surfaces that could have potentially be infected/touched.

5. If a Team Member has been tested and is waiting for the results of a COVID-19 Test

A. As with the confirmed case, the Team Member must be removed from the practice.

B. The Public Health Agency of Canada advises that any person who has even mild symptoms to stay home and call the public health authority of B.C.

C. Other Team Members who may have been exposed will be informed and removed from the practice for at least 14 days or until the diagnosis of COVID-19 is ruled out by health authorities.

D. The practice space will be closed off, cleaned, and disinfected immediately and any other surfaces that could have potentially been infected/touched.

6. If a Team Member has come in to contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19

A. Team Members must advise their coach if they reasonably believe they have been exposed to COVID19.

B. Once the contact is confirmed, the Team Member will be removed from the practice for at least 14 days or as otherwise directed by public health authorities. Team Members who may have come into close contact with the Team Member will also be removed from the practice for at least 14 days.

C. The practice area will be closed off, cleaned, and disinfected immediately and any other surfaces that could have potentially been infected/touched.

7. Quarantine or Self-Isolate if:

 A. Any Team Member who has traveled outside of British Columbia, or a member of their household has traveled outside of British Columbia, within the last 14 days is not permitted to enter any part of the practice area and must quarantine and self-isolate.

B. Any Team Member with any symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted to enter any part of the practice area and must quarantine and self-isolate.

C. Any Team Member from a household with someone showing symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted to enter any part of the practice area and must quarantine and self-isolate.

D. Any Team Member who is in quarantine or self-isolating as a result of contact with an infected person or in families who are self-isolating is not permitted to enter any part of the practice area.

LMBA First Aid Plan

First Aid

Determine what level of intervention the player requires.

In the event that first aid is required to be administered during an activity, all persons attending to the injured individual must first put on a mask, goggles, and gloves.

Gather the following information:

  1. Does the player need urgent care? If yes, call 911.
  2. Does the player have any obvious signs of COVID19
  3. If a player is stable, has mild symptoms, or is not in distress, instruct the player to go for COVID testing

If no urgent/critical interventions are needed and if possible:

  1. Speak to the player from 2 meters
  2. Ask if he/she has been exposed to anyone sick or positive for COVID 19

Whenever providing direct first aid:

  1. Apply face mask and goggles
  2. Put on gloves
  3. If possible have the player wear a mask

Upon completion of providing first aid

  1. Remove and dispose of gloves
  2. Wash hands
  3. Remove goggles
  4. Wash hands
  5. Remove and dispose of face mask
  6. Wash hands
  7. Clean goggles with disinfectant wipes or cleaner

Coach/Manager to complete LMBA Injury Report and return to Division Manager and Player
Agent of player injury and administration of first aid

LMBA Return To Play - COVID 19 Safety Plan

Ladner Minor Baseball Return to Play - COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN

LMBA recognizes and abides by the Provincial Public Health Orders, viaSport’s Return to Sport Guidelines for BC and Baseball BC’s General Health and Personal Hygiene Guidelines (as adopted by BC Minor Baseball).

LMBA has created resources and policies based on the information provided by:

  • viaSport sector guidelines and Baseball BC Guidelines
  • Orders, guidance, and notices issued by the provincial health officer and relevant to your industry
  • City of Delta and venue guidelines

Ladner Minor Baseball Association is committed to ensuring our members understand
the procedures for Phase 2 – Return to Play and the COVID-19 safety protocols as
described in this document. The following steps have been taken to ensure our
organization and its’ members are prepared to return to play safely:

  • All protocols, regulations, and requirements for return to play are published on the LMBA website together with full mail-out to all members through email.
  • Mandatory virtual (Zoom) meetings to present a protocol to executives, volunteers, and coaches where all must attend if they are wishing to participate in the 2021baseball season.
  • Mandatory signed waivers and agreements from all members, volunteers, and coaches that wish to return, agreeing to abide by all regulations and new protocols for participation.
    • viaSport – Return to Sport
    • Baseball BC Return to Play 2021
    • BC Minor Baseball Association – Return to Play
  • This Safety Plan will be updated as new guidance is provided by Public Health,
    ViaSport and Baseball BC

LMBA Covid-19 Resources, Policies, and Guidelines:

  1. COMMUNICATION: Plans and Training
    LMBA will communicate all policies and protocols to team members (team members include players, volunteers, parent, spectators) via:
    • Member Communication letter to all LMBA members
    • Mandatory Zoom meetings for all coaches and managers to review the processes and resources related to mitigating risk related to COVID 19, including:
      o Review guidelines and policies
      o Physical distancing requirements
      o Player attendance and Health Check tracking process
      o Symptom screening & Health Checklist Completion & Submission
      o Hygiene protocols and cleaning practices for equipment
      o First Aid Protocols
      o Outbreak protocols
    • Regular contact will be maintained with Division Managers throughout the season to provide updates and share concerns as they arise.
    Players/parents/coaches are responsible to sign and return the four required
    documents noted below to LMBA Registrar prior to their first LMBA event:
    • BCMBA Youth Participant Waiver
    • BCMBA Adult Participant Waiver
    • BCMBA Declaration of Compliance
    • LMBA Participant Agreement

     Waivers can be accessed, according to Division, on our website – under LMBA Covid Information tab:     https://www.ladnerminorbaseball.com/

     LMBA Illness Policy has been developed to ensure that participants and others showing symptoms of COVID-19 are prohibited from participating in our baseball activities and to ensure that all members know the process to follow in the event of player illness or exposure to COVID 19

  • The Illness policy outlines:
    i. Self-assessment tools and visual monitoring of team members
    ii. What to do if a team member is feeling sick
    iii. What to do if a team member tests positive for Covid-19
    iv. What to do if a team member is tested and waiting for results
    v. What to do if a team member comes in contact with someone
    confirmed to have Covid-19
    vi. When a team member needs to quarantine or self-isolate
    LMBA Covid Illness Policy (see website)

      The LMBA First Aid Plan sets out what to do in the event that first aid is required to be administered during an activity, including instructions on gathering information and putting on and removing protective equipment.

     LMBA Outbreak Plan identifies the roles and responsibilities of volunteers should a case or outbreak be reported. An ‘outbreak’ is two or more cases; a ‘case’ is a single case of Covid-19. In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 among any team member, team member’s family or spectator at an LMBA activity, the Coach/Manager must refer the affected participant or parent to LMBA’s Illness Policy, and refer them to the information about isolation and self-monitoring.

The Coach/Manager must then report to the following three LMBA personnel:
i. Division Manager
ii. LMBA Secretary (secretary@ladnerminorbaseball.com)
iii. LMBA President (president@ladnerminorbaseball.com)

LMBA Secretary is to:

  • Report to the Medical Health Officer at Fraser Health Authority (call
  • For a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 LMBA will:
    o Initiate cleaning protocols, as set out in the Safety Plan
    o Cooperate fully with the City and local health authorities in the event LMBA is required to modify, restrict, postpone, or cancel activities

     6. SIGNAGE
     Signage will be posted at all ballparks (Dugald, Bell, Maple, Cromie) clearly stating:

  • Physical distancing guidelines
  • Stay home if ill
  • Effective hand hygiene
  • Entrance/exit points to the diamond


     As the season progresses there may be challenges or new areas of concern that arise. LMBA is committed to ensuring all protocols and processes remain current.

     Coaches/volunteers are asked to bring any concerns forward to their Division Manager for review by LMBA Executive. If needed, edits or updates to the policies and guidelines will be made by LMBA Executive and communicated to appropriate stakeholders.

     When resolving safety issues, Division Managers and coaches/managers will involve the LMBA Executive.