All-Star FAQ

Posted by Bindi Dhaliwal on Jun 02 2015 at 10:10PM PDT

LMBA All-Star Ball FAQ

Q. What is All-star ball?

A. All-star ball is an elite program that is available to players from Tadpole to the Midget Division that have played a minimum of 50% of the spring season and are capable of playing at a high level of competition who are able to commit 100% to the program. This season runs from mid June to August.

Q. What teams are available?

The top second year players are selected.

The Mosquito AAA team is formed first from first and second year players. The Mosquito A team is formed from first year players.
If there is enough interest a third team called AA can be formed (only if you field an AAA and A team first) and it can have both first and second year players only as well.

The Peewee AA team has a spring and summer season. The team selected in the spring will usually carry through the summer depending on player availability. The Peewee A summer ball team is formed from the top players who played the spring season.

The Bantam AA team has a spring and summer season. The team selected in the spring will usually carry through the summer depending player availability. Bantam A summer ball team is formed from the top players who played the spring season.

The Midget AA team is selected from the players of spring season.

Q. When is the All-Star Ball Season?

A. The All-Star Ball season runs from the end of Spring Season playoffs (mid June) to the first weekend in August. Teams play in a Provincial play down format, which means playing other associations from across the Lower Mainland, and if successful, will play in the Provincial Championships at the end of the summer season.
There is usually one tournament during this summer season, which is decided upon by the head coach. Dates and location of the tournament will be disclosed after selection of the teams.

Q. How are players selected for All-Star teams?

A. Selections vary per age group. Generally at the younger ages selections begin with Identification Camps, which are held during the months of either April or May, and are solely for the purposes of establishing how many players are interested in the program. From there, evaluations are held at the conclusion of the spring season playoffs, which may consist of skills and game play.
Coach’s will be looking for players that have a high skill level, are committed to attending all games and practices, have a desire to compete at a high level, are supportive and positive team leaders, are coachable and respectful and are available to play in the Provincials. Unfortunately, players may either not be selected for the team of their choice or will not be selected to either team.

Q. How many games and practices can we expect per week?

A. On average, players can expect to have 2-3 games per week along with 2-4 practices. There will be at least one tournament during this time.

Q. Is there an additional cost for All-Star ball?

A. Yes there will be a cost to play. There is a registration fee payable to the association. There also maybe a team fee which will depend on what the team will be purchasing for the team such as jackets, hoodies, etc. Other costs could be travel expenses, tournament fees (if entering more than one tournament), etc. Player registration for the summer season will be available once the selection process has been completed.

Q. Can I coach my child’s All-star ball team?

A. In order to coach an All-Star ball team, a coaching application must be filled out and sent to the Division Manager by April 30. Applications are then forwarded to the LMBA Executive for approval. Head Coach selections are decided upon during the first week of May and successful applicants are then notified. Assistant coaches are selected by the Head Coach of the respective team once the team has been selected. All Coach’s will be required to have their appropriate coaching certification which can be found in the BC Baseball rulebook, along with CRC and Vulnerable Sector through the Delta Police Department.


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