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BC Minor Baseball has awarded Ladner the host responsibilities for the PeeWee AAA Championship Tournament in July. As the host association, Ladner’s team will get an automatic berth in the tournament.

Volunteers will be needed for this event. There is a group of members meeting on a regular basis to get the ball rolling, however there will be a need for scorekeepers, pitch counters, fieldworkers and concession workers (and others) as we host the province’s best PeeWee teams.

Please contact the Vice President ( of the LMBA if you can assist.

More information to follow.

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Photo Day Schedule April 23/17

Posted by Bindi Dhaliwal at Apr 5, 2017 5:13PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Location : Ladner Elementary

Time Division Team Coach
9:00 Rally Cap Grasshoppers Mike Williams
9:05 Rally Cap Scrappers Kaili Grant
9:10 Rally Cap Lug Nuts Sandy Rosen
9:15 Rally Cap Thunder JC Bourbonnais
9:20 Rally Cap Bats Cody Caron
9:25 Rally Cap Raptors Darren Kingston
9:30 Rally Cap Hot Rods Jolene Grant
9:35 Rally Cap Muck Dogs Barb Botter
9:40 Rally Cap Tin Caps Kyle Davies
9:45 Rally Cap White Caps Sean Riley
9:50 Super T Astros Sean Riley
9:55 Super T Angels Bryan Hudie
10:00 Super T Padres Dave Spence
10:05 Super T Rockies Doug Miller
10:10 Super T Red Sox Ryan North
10:15 Super T Athletics Chad Schofield
10:20 PeeWee Yankees Daniel Shorman
10:25 Bantam Dodgers Colin Robie
10:30 Tadpole Brian Cheralley
10:35 Tadpole Jason Northey
10:40 Tadpole Angie Loewen
10:45 Tadpole Luddy Mangat
10:50 Tadpole Doug Roberts
10:55 Tadpole Derek Gardner
11:00 Mosquito Angels Andrew Ferguson
11:05 Mosquito Dodgers Ron Pearce
11:10 Mosquito Yankees Sean MacDonald
11:15 Mosquito Giants Dave Spence
11:20 Mosquito Phillies Gord Johnson
11:25 Mosquito Mariners Todd Allen
11:30 PeeWee Red Sox AA Corey Edge
11:35 PeeWee Cardinals Randi Yamaoka
11:40 PeeWee Royals Chad McGregor
11:45 Bantam Black Sox Kim Mackie
11:50 Bantam Red Sox AA Grant Laidlaw
11:55 Bantam Tigers AAA Cam Frick
12:00 Midget Blue Jays Ray Beisick
12:05 Midget Red Sox Rob Bogress

We would like to congratulate the following players on being selected for this year’s 2017 Peewee AA Red Sox:

Arjun Chahal
Brady Wastilla
Hayden Cuthbertson
Jackson Bakker
Kennedy Ainge
Layne Edge
Logan Lechner
Max Kidds Brodie
Michael Norcott
Quincy Chong
Ryan Carleton
Tye Hemenway
Tyler Allan

Good luck to all players for the upcoming season.
Corey Edge

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Bantam AA Red Sox

Posted by Ladner Minor Baseball Association at Mar 5, 2017 9:41AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Thank you to all those who tried out for the LMBA Bantam AA team! Ladner has many passionate young ball players, this team selection I am told was not easy. Congratulations to those who made it and to those who didn’t ~ keep ⚾️ playing the game you love❣️

To all the Bantam players have a fun season!

2017 Bantam AA team roster⚾️

Brandon Phillips
Carson Gray
Carson Hemenway
Cole Morgan
Cole Warkenton
Derek Hamilton
Jayson Crump
Jordan Sanders
Josh Romaniuk
Joshua Berry
Tanton Mcniell
Tyler McIntosh
Tyler Rooyakkers

Re: Enrolment confirmed for CRRP Applicant Based Online Service

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As part of this process, you have signed and agreed to the terms and conditions for the CRRP Applicant Based Online Service to facilitate criminal record checks and sharing of completed criminal record checks.

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Please keep this information in a safe place for your reference. The results of the criminal record check will be sent to your organization’s authorized contact person via e-mail.

Additional information about the CRRP is available on our website at or please feel free to contact a client services representative at the phone number listed below.

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