2017 Spring Season - U9 (Super-t) to U15 (Bantam) Registration Form

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2017 Spring Season - U9 (Super-t) to U15 (Bantam) Registration Form

Spring Season Registration


Supert – Open until March 15
Tadpole – Registration waitlist
Mosquito – Registration waitlist
Peewee – Registration waitlist
Bantam – Registration closed

Ladner Minor Baseball Association
2017 Registration

Early Bird fees apply for December and January.
Fees will increase for February and March.

Please register oldest to youngest players.

If you are registering more than 2 players, the third child discount will be credited manually as the program is causing incorrect amounts being charged.

Proof of Age

Proof of age is required for all new players.
If LMBA does not have proof of player’s age on file from a previous registration, a copy of proof of age must be provided at uniform pick up for the 2017 season.
Proof of age may be:
Birth Certificate
Citizenship Certificate
Immigration Record
Baptism Certificate

Parent/Guardian Consent

I, the parent of the above named player for a position on a Ladner Minor Baseball Team, hereby give my approval to participation in all league activities during the current season. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from the activities if required and do hereby waive, release and absolve indemnity and agree to hold harmless the LMBA, the organizers, sponsors, supervisors, participants, and persons transporting my child to and from activities, for any claims arising out of injury to my child, except to the extent and in the amount covered by accident or liability insurance.

Uniform and Volunteer Information

Uniform Deposit is due at Uniform Pick-up

$100.00 per player (post-dated cheque Aug 1, 2017)
Applicable to all Divisions except Rally Cap
Cheque will be returned when the player’s uniform is returned at the end of the season.

Parent Participation Deposit is due at registration.

$100 per family has been added your registration fee.
Applicable to all Divisions except Rally Cap & Midget.
Refunds will be issued when the Parent Participation hours have been completed.


Each parent/guardian agrees that he/she will advise the player of this code of conduct and acknowledge compliance with this Code as mandatory for each of the parents/guardians and player.
By registering your child as a player in the Ladner Baseball Association, you are deemed to have agreed to this Code and your obligations hereunder.
You further acknowledge and agree that failure to comply with this Code could result in the non-compliant person being immediately ejected from the game or from the ball park and being subject to other disciplinary actions.
You agree that you and (where applicable) your child shall,
• Support all players with positive encouragement.
• Respect and adhere to the ideals, policies, and rules in effect from time to time as determined by any of:
 Ladner Baseball,
 B C Baseball,
 Baseball Canada
• At all times use both common courtesy and respect while on the field or in the stands.
• Abide by the harassment policy of the sport.
• Maintain self-control. You acknowledge that no loud or abusive language or any perceived threats to coaches, umpires, players, executives of LMBA or spectators will be tolerated.
• Consistently display high personal standards and project a favorable image of the sport. Specifically, parents/guardians and players shall:
 Refrain from public and social media criticism of fellow parents, athletes, coaches, officials or executives of LMBA.
 Never advocate or condone the use of drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances, and actively discourage their use.
 Abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages or consuming an illegal substance or tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) when performing volunteer duties or at while in the baseball field and spectator area.
 Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language.
• Parents/guardians shall encourage their child to attend as many games and practices as reasonably possible in a timely manner and shall notify the coach/manager ahead of absences.
• Respect the facilities, municipal rules and regulations and other user groups, at all games (home or away), practices and LMBA functions.
• Show respect for the decision, judgment and authority of the umpires and scorekeepers.
• Exhibit a high degree of sportsmanship, teamwork and positive attitude.
• Gain an understanding of the Ladner Minor Baseball Association’s 24-hour rule to deal with team complaints and adhere to it.
• Refrain from expressing any negative opinion of players, coaches, officials or team volunteers in front of players.
• Treat members of other sport organizations with respect, both in victory and defeat.
• Actively encourage all participants to uphold the rules of the game and the spirit of such rules.
• Refrain from approaching the bench during game situation unless summoned by team official.
• Accept defeat gracefully…love the game above the prize.
• Parents/guardians shall attend to volunteer duties, as directed, in a professional, courteous and timely manner.
• Follow the fair play code.

By registering the player I acknowledge and agree that I have read and understand this Code of Conduct and agree to abide by the both the letter of the Code and the principles contained therein.
Breach of this Code of Conduct will be subject to review by the Ladner Baseball Association Disciplinary Policy & Procedures which can be found on our website. http://ladnerminorbaseball.ladnerminorbaseball.com/organizations/1966/documents under our Constitution.
Particular reference is made in Section 4 at (a)(vii), (f)(v),(g)(viii) and Section 5©.


If you are interested in coaching, please fill out the coaches registration form. It is located under the coaches tab.


If you are interested in umpiring, please fill out the umpires regsitration form. It is located under the registration tab.

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